Monday, February 7, 2011


I am a homeschool graduate. To the majority of folks I meet who ask, "Where did you go to school?," this makes me a curiosity (read: weird). What's even weirder is that I have decided to homeschool my own children as well. Some acquaintances thought it was a given that I would homeschool my own children when they were old enough for school. However, the decision was not taken lightly by me and my husband, who is a homeschool alumnus as well.

This blog, hopefully, will be dedicated to our journey towards and through homeschooling our children as second generation homeschoolers. I think there must be several more of us out there looking for camaraderie. My parents were among the first "wave" of modern homeschool pioneers in the 80's who blazed the trails for us. If folks think I'm weird, I can't imagine what they thought of my parents who were doing it before most people had even considered the idea!

Another thing I would like to do eventually is use this blog to "publish" the work my munchkins accomplish. I hope this will give them more purpose as they compose papers and/or write book reports, etc. Also, if anyone in a similar circumstance ever stumbles upon my humble blog, it might give them some inspiration on schooling their own little munchkins just as I am inspired by others every day.

Soon I would like to post more about:

  • Why I decided to homeschool.

  • Reading I am doing about homeschooling and other intersting topics.

  • My feelings of inadequacy despite being a homeschool graduate myself.

  • My family's quirks and eccentricities (more reasons why we are weird).

If anyone does read this and relates, please leave a comment! I would love to meet any new or veteran homeschooler or homeschool alumni as well as be introduced to other blogs similar to this one.

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Ceridwen said...

I always wondered if you had a blog. I'm going to play catch-up tonight and read to the current post and I'm looking forward to it!