Sunday, April 3, 2011

Remember the Alamo


There was a mini (and I do mean mini) history lesson this morning about Davy Crockett helping defend the Alamo, This scene ensued. Really the scene right before this one that I failed to capture was the sweetest. Their Dad was up there with them telling them the story of the Alamo and pretending that the Mexicans were coming from Mr. Steve’s pasture (you should use your rifle in this case) and then from behind the rock pile (you should use your shotgun when they get close like this). Their firearms were not authentic to the Texas Revolution era, but they were having fun and feeling very heroic. A. felt especially heroic after he fought one off with only a stick when it got dangerously close to the fort.

By the way, I love to see them use their imaginations, especially when it involves imagining people in a different time and place than they are in. Imagination is required for learning, is it not? If we could not imagine, we would not be able to relate to anyone outside our own circumstances, for our own circumstances are the only ones we know.

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