Monday, July 25, 2011

Preschool Packs

Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations continues to impress me with the resources she churns out. I just discovered Preschool Packs. I downloaded the Knights and Castles and Princess ones to possibly use with the preschoolers in our Co-op. I already have a Fisher Price Castle that would go along with it as well as a couple of Knight books. Also, the boys have breastplates, helmets, swords, and shields that the kids could use for pretend play along those lines.

The Preschool Packs have printables for several activities for which she gives directions. I think, though, that I will use the pictures of knights or swords or shields for the spindle box I am making instead of spindles or toothpicks like I had planned. This way we could change the theme of the spindle box to keep it interesting throughout the year. Just thought of something. Maybe I could print only one shield for the 1 compartment, 2 swords for the 2 compartment, 3 knights for the 3 compartment, etc. to make the control of error even simpler for the younger preschoolers. We could change it out to all one item for the older ones who recognize their numbers.

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