Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wooo Hoo!!!

My husband, the Principal of our school, is in school, himself. He is taking Comp I this summer (5 essays and 20 Reading Responses in 5 weeks), and I will admit that it has been an equal effort on both our parts. Because I have shared in the work, I also share in the excitement of his good grades. On his most recent essay, a narrative, he received a 100% and very high compliments! I am so excited! It is so much fun to actually be rewarded for hard work.

I feel like this is the difference in school and "real life." In school, the consequences of work, good or bad, are immediate. In "real life," you might go years before you realize the rewards of intense effort. Maybe this is one reason I enjoyed college so much.

Our, excuse me, His next essay is Descriptive. This one could be the most fun to write. After that, though, he will do a Compare/Contrast and an Argumentation. The husband suggested that maybe we set the bar too high on the first couple because we might really bomb the last two.

Anyway, the next post will contain the essay. Obviously, I am proud of it. If anyone actually reads this, let me publish this disclaimer: Poetic license was exercised in this writing. Although it is based on a true story, some of the facts have been enhanced to make it a more enjoyable read. (Examples: Swim Team Champion is a slightly enormous exaggeration, and one important real-life friend was eliminated from the story for the sake of simplicity.)

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