Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I don't fold wash cloths.

I don't fold the boys' bath towels or hand towels.

I don't fold boys' underwear.

I don't fold dish cloths and towels.

A year ago, I decided that I would rather have clean towels unfolded in a basket in the bathroom where they belong than unfolded in the laundry room where they don't belong.

It works for me.

One day when I don't have little kids to teach, feed, clean up after, and be entertained by, maybe I will start folding again.

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Anonymous said...

life is to short to waste time on SMALL THINGS! WAY to take the short cuts to sweeter moments with your family.

Birthblessed said...

I was just sharing with a mom with several littles that very same thing- don't spend time folding diapers, just put them in the basket next to the changing table. Don't fold washcloths, have a basket for them in the sink or cabinet. Don't fold towels- just toss them in the cupboard.

You know when the towels started getting folded again? When the little people no longer needed me at bathtime. After a few months they said, "mama, we can't remember which ones are the clean towels and which ones are the dirty ones." I said, "Fold the clean ones, and don't fold the dirty ones." And that's pretty much how it's been since.

P.S. I still don't fold towels. They do. ;)

AIMA said...

When we have company, I try to clothespin a sign that says, "Clean Towels" to the hamper...We have had some confusion over clean/dirty too.:-) Thanks for reading and commenting.

Kim said...

I do fold towels, dish cloths and dish towels (because they have to fit inthe drawer) but none of the others you mentioned - does anyone seriously fold underwear?