Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Boy Toys

I am excited to be a new Vision Forum affiliate!  Vision Forum offers lots of homeschool and family-friendly resources, but, honestly, the reason I love them is for their boy toys .  I'm sure their girl toys are wonderful; however, I am not an expert in that area.  But this I know:  It is hard to find good, high-quality, old-fashioned boy toys. 

Here's a challenge:  Go to a major toy store and look for a Western six shooter or a play hunting rifle.  You probably won't find one.  Try to find a costume for a real historical hero.  Nope.  On the other hand, you can find all sorts of wild, sci-fi characters with violent weapons on shelf after shelf, aisle after aisle.   

Thing1 and Thing2 have accumulated a few of the toys from Vision Forum, and they have all been excellent quality.  Thing1 bought the Western six shooter and wooden sword and shield with his own savings last Spring.  He drools over the LEGO-compatible sets in the catalog (they have Knights and Military sets) but has not bought any yet.

If you shop at Vision Forum in the future, please consider clicking on one of my links to get to their site as I will earn a small commission on orders originating from my blog.  Thank you!

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