Monday, November 14, 2011


I had no idea Parkour was real.  I thought it was just a joke from The Office.  You never know what you will learn in a school day.  The boys were duly impressed, as was I.

<a href=';from=null&amp;src=v5:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='2011 Parkour Summit Competition'>Video: 2011 Parkour Summit Competition</a>

Now Thing2 is jumping around like Spiderman.  "Hey, Mom, I'm like Parkour!"  I see some massive bruises in our future.  "Did you see that, Mom?  I'm doin' a good lesson on Parkour!"   He has already performed some daring stunts designed by Thing1.  However, Thing1 has not attempted any himself.

The future is here.  While I was typing, he fell and hit his head.  I need to redirect this activity to outside.

In case you have missed out on Parkour, The Office style, here is an entertaining clip shared with me by my sister (of whom I have an equally entertaining video doing her own Parkour demonstration.  Maybe I will get permission to post it soon...)  You're welcome for your laugh of the day.


kate templeton said...

This post reminded me of when we saw Planking on The Office. Did you see that one? Sure enough it's a real thing people do.

AIMA said...

Just Youtubed the planking clips. Unbelievable.