Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stranded at the Learning Oasis

Over the New Year Holiday weekend, we made an unplanned trip to the Fort because of an unplanned ear infection.

While The Husband and Thing2 waited at a walk-in clinic, Thing1 and I struck out to do some errands.  I needed a last-minute birthday gift for a niece, so I decided to go to a teacher supply/toy store (think miniature Fat Brain Toys in person) called Learning Oasis.

Needless to say, Thing1 and I (we are kindred spirits) spent way too long in that store under the clever ruse of shopping for a one-year-old's birthday gift.  Some women have a shoe addiction.  Some women love bags.  If When I go over budget, it is usually in the education/book/developmental toy category.

After we finally checked out (I promise I only bought the birthday gift, two items for our co-op, and one $2 item for myself), I discovered that the care wouldn't start.  If anyone cares, it sounded like the fuel pump had gone out.

I called The Husband to let him know, found out that my brother happened to be heading my way, then did what I had to do.  I went back into the Learning Oasis to wait.

After spending another hour in that store, I only bought two more things.  Again, if anyone cares, it was a set of Do-A-Dot paints (post coming soon) and a Melissa and Doug Jumbo Coloring Pad.  However, my head was filled with products I would love to try.

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Ceridwen said...

I love that store. Lucky you to have to spend extra time in there. :)