Monday, April 23, 2012

Stamps make anything more fun!

Okay, so memorizing addition facts still isn't fun, but these stamps helped a lot today.
The castle stamp is from the Knight Story Kit (Aladine Brand) from Fat Brain Toys.

I asked Thing1 the problem and gave him 5 seconds.  If he responded correctly within the time limit, we stamped it.  It felt like a game at first, although the whole sheet was a little much for him.  Tomorrow we'll try for the ones he missed with a king stamp and blue ink..

In the Alpha level in Math U See, we are to the point of learning subtraction facts.  But since we don't have all the addition facts memorized, I am taking it slow on the lessons and concentrating on memorizing them.  He knows how to figure them out, but I want him to be able to spit out the answer without having to figure it out first.  My theory is that if the addition facts are memorized, subtraction will be easy!

I was thinking...We could use stamps for lots of things other than math facts.  Any ideas?

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1 comment:

AMAY said...

Phonics work...stamping like sounds with the same stamp? Maybe the stamp could have the same sound in it, like shot a for the castle stamp?