Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Well-Planned Day

I am trying a new planner this year. I just downloaded My Well Planned Day software. It is brand new. I bought it today, the last day of the cheaper beta testing price, and I hope it works for me. It has so much potential! I am betting that the slowness and kinks today are because they are getting ready to go online with the full version tomorrow.

What sold me on this software is that I should be able to pull up our schedules, shopping lists, calendar, etc. on my mobile device. And supposedly it will sync with Google calendar (which I already use heavily) once the full version goes live.

I will update soon on its usefulness!

I am not getting anything from Well Planned Day for this post. I paid for it just like everyone else!


Ceridwen said...

I would be very interested in hearing how well this works.

Cathy said...

I am very interested to read your review of this product. So far, the ONLY independent reviews online have been from people who have been specifically selected from the company gifted this software. (And as you can imagine, the reviews are glowing.) I am not saying that those reviews aren't trustworthy...I am just saying that when someone has to spend their hard earned money on a product, they tend to expect more and be more critical. (In a good way.) So I want to know what someone thinks after they have purchased it. :)

AIMA said...

The next update is released on August 9. I will try my best to post about it. Thanks for reading!