Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The lack of posts lately is due to major changes for our family, the most noteworthy of which is moving to another state.

When I sit at the computer nowadays, I am scanning cancelled checks and old dusty documents, researching real estate, or communicating with a relocation consultant. That leaves very little time and less motivation for composing blog posts.

I have adjusted Thing1's schedule to be mostly independent during our transition. I feel this is reasonable in light of the fact that we were very diligent from August through November, and I know we will get back to that when we settle in our new home.  Whenever I start feeling guilty, I review this article that I pinned recently. It is amazing how much he gets out of his independent work after three and a half months of intense one-on-one attention.

Bear with me and please don't quit checking for new posts!

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