Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Silly Word Books

Thing2 is doing well (for a 4-year-old, in my biased opinion) with reading lessons. He is great at blending and segmenting, but he forgets the sounds. I realize that this will only come with practice, but our practice methods are getting old and slightly frustrating.

It must be time for a Pinterest  project. (Links to inspiration posts at Learners in Bloom and Growing in Grace.)

I made two Consonant/Vowel/Consonant flip books in a matter of 10 minutes last night. Super easy. Super quick. No trip to the craft store required. My kind of project.

1. Stack five pieces of plain paper.
2. Cut them in half.
3. Staple five half sheets on the long edge. (You have enough paper for two books.)
4. Cut two slits up to the staples to create three flaps.
5.  Write one vowel on each middle flap (one for each sheet of paper) and consonants your reader needs to practice on the first and third flaps. (I used an orange highlighter because it was the only writing utensil sitting on the end table next to my couch. You could get a little more creative if you aren't as lazy as I am.)
6.  Tape the top of the book over the staples to prevent tearing. (I used electrical tape on top because that's the kind of tape I can find around this house.)

The books were a fun surprise during today's reading lesson. Practicing sounds was more fun and less work, which is exactly what I was going for.

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AMAY said...

The grin says it all! WTG, mom!!