Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer BBs

Just in time for summer (Yippee!), The Husband devised his most brilliant scheme ever.

He suggested that, for the summer, we change summer lessons from a chore to a challenge by offering BBs as an incentive.  Then each evening when The Husband is home and can supervise, the boys get to shoot the BBs they earn during the day.

This plan has worked beautifully for the last few days.  It is a win/win scenario.  The kids have never accomplished so much with so little nagging (win for me).  The Husband and I have never let them shoot their BB gun so much (win for them).

This is taped to the back of the clip board for the summer:
On the second day of this plan, Thing1's goal was to earn 100 BBs.  He did a math drill in record time, two Life of Fred lessons (the rule is now one a day), and dictated and copied a 70-word letter to a friend.  Writing this much is not normal.  He worked off and on with no reminders from me all day long, and he earned his 100 BBs.  

He took his time in shooting them.  He was happy.

On the same "100 BB day," Thing2 earned 59 BBs by reading an entire book without batting an eye.  Again, this is not normal.

Thing2 was also happy.

One more win:  We get to practice gun safety, obedience, and following instructions.  The boys discovered that one safety offense means they forfeit all their BBs.

I am excited about this summer.  I hope this BB craze lasts at least a few weeks!


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What a great idea!!!