Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Plans and Changes

I have been hesitant to publish my plans for this year as a lot of changes are taking place, and many of our plans are at a see-how-it-goes-and-go-from-there status.  However, much of our lineup for this year looks similar to last year.

The first big change this year is that there are two school-aged children in our house, so Thing2 feels very important now.  He is especially looking forward to math.  Thing1 is 7 (roughly 2nd grade), and Thing2 is 5 (roughly kindergarten).

The second big change is that we have joined a Classical Conversations Community, which excites me greatly!  The rigor in math, science, history, geography, and Latin memory work will be a change (hopefully for the better), but the underlying classical method will be consistent with our last two years. (What is Classical Education?)  The one day a week away from home will also be similar to our last couple of years in Wednesday School, which has worked well for us.  I look forward to the community for the kids and accountability for myself.

The third big change is that, Lord willing, we will be in a new house by the time school begins.  If everything goes through, I will have a den connected to the kitchen and laundry room that can be dedicated to school!  This will be perfect since the three things I do every day are kitchen, laundry, and lessons.  It might actually be possible to multi-task with this setup.  I am ecstatic about the possibility of not having to use a bedroom for lessons and school storage.

At-Home Lineup:
Math-U-See Beta for Thing1
Math-U-See Primer for Thing2

Writing With Ease Year 2, Growing with Grammar Level 2, Prescripts, and Spelling Power for Thing1
Reading Reflex and Handwriting Without Tears Grade 1 for Thing2

Story of the World, Middle Ages (See how it goes...Probably just reading, coloring, and using the activity book's excellent Corresponding Literature lists) for Thing1 and Thing2
Famous Figures of Medieval Times

Exploring Creation with Astronomy and the Jr. Notebooking Journal (See how it goes...We will be memorizing Science Facts and doing experiments with CC, so we might take it easy on this set.) for Thing1 (and Thing2 as desired)

Books, Books, Books for both Thing1 and Thing2 to read aloud and read alone.  I keep a Pinterest Board for inspiration when we run dry.  Also, the Writing with Ease Workbook is full of ideas.  And I won't forget Jim Trelease's Read Aloud Handbook.

All in all, I am excited about this new year.  Each year so far has brought a deeper desire of learning for myself, and I think that desire is contagious...except in the area of spelling.  Lessons have not yet become a drudgery for the kids.  Learning new things as well as reviewing familiar things still fires them up.  (Please note that I did not say that developing the self-discipline to actually do the work is not drudgery.  On the contrary, it is the definition of drudgery for them and me.)  I am looking forward to the changes of this year encouraging us to look at familiar things from new perspectives.


AMAY said...

Congratulations on the new house with a dedicated school room. I know you will live that! Keep us updated on your CC group. It sounds like it will be a challenging but fun adventure for you and the boys. Love the line-up...makes me a little sad I am not planning curriculum this year. Keep posting so that I can live vicariously through you! ;)

rex heffington said...

Sounds like a good year!

Anonymous said...

I am excited and eager to see how the CC goes for you and the boys. Maybe next year we will be able to join the group here.
Thanks for all your advice these last few weeks! I have some tentative plans laid out so we will see how they go!