Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Book Reports

I am happy to report that our summer book list project was a success! By success, I mean three things.

1. Thing1, who would have been reading all summer anyway, read some higher quality material than Boxcar Children and Super Hero books.

2. The boys had some hard but not-too-time-consuming academic work to add to their summer chore lists.

3. They both practiced writing at their own levels.

I got 12 reports out of Thing1. He read considerably more than that, but reading and writing are on opposite ends of his difficulty spectrum. I am pleased with 12.
Three Swords for Granada. I helped with the adjective, "clandestine." He liked it. :)
Thing2 produced eight reports. Reading the books was still a challenge in self discipline for him.
The Berenstain Bears and the Case of the Missing Dinosaur Bone
I used my Pinterest board and Sonlight's reading lists for most of my selections, roughly keeping the historical books in the times we have already studied. Again, the book report template was from Busy Teacher's Cafe.

Thing1 used his points to get a couple new Kindle books and a Lego Brickmaster book. Thing2 saved all his points and redeemed them on a Squishy Human Anatomy book he had been eyeing at Hobby Lobby for months.

It's a must-do for next summer!

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