Monday, February 14, 2011

Something I read today from The Christian Pathway, February 2011 Issue:

Young gentlemen, the time in which you live and are destined to act your part in human affairs is more propitious than the period fo your fathers, who had to expel the enemy, establish our independence, and pay the vast debt incurred; all of which they have done, and left a rich inheritance to their children. your eyes, your countenances, assure me that you are now resolving that you will not waste what your fathers have left you; but, by observing their sentiments and imitating their manners, you will add thereto. Go on, adn keep in view that truth, honesty adn industry will conduct you throughj teh world with reputation. Should any of you be poor, mind one rule - let your expenses be less than your income, and never put off for tomorrow what shoudl be done today.

Watch the measures pursued by the rulers. Legislative usurpation over the rights of indiiduals is as dangerous as executive patronage. Give in your votes at the polls with sentimental independence, and acquiesce in the results of the election. A majority may vote wrong, but the right of free suffrage will correct that error when it is made manifest. (Elder John Leland, from an address delivered on August 16, 1839)

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