Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten, Part II

Finally it was time for what Thing1 had been waiting for! Workboxes and the schedule strip. I predict that we will not use Thing2's schedule strip at all, but I made one anyway. Maybe we will save it for next year. Thing1, however, loves it. The change I am making for tomorrow, though, is simplifying it quite a lot. I suspected I would have to do this, but I didn't know for sure until I tried it today.

Thing1 totally gets this system because he (like his mother) craves order. What he does not get is that the schedule is flexible. This is why I will probably simplify it drastically.

Thing1 enjoyed his first math lesson. His imagination ran away with decimal street and the "people" who live there. I think he gets place value. We'll see when we bring it up again tomorrow. I did not anticipate Thing2 wanting to be in on math. Thankfully we have some old manipulatives we inherited from my siblings' school days. He had fun with those.

Thing2 got a Handwriting Without Tears Lesson and a Reading Lesson today. His attention span was about 2 minutes for each of them. I thought that was okay for three years old. He knows big line, little line, big curve, and little curve. It was his own idea to go get the apples because apple starts with a. He used a barstool to get to them so he could bring them back to the schoolroom. Then, of course, he wanted to eat them. After that, he got to play on his own with the HWT Stamp and See board.

Thing1 read four pages of Henry and Mudge while Thing2 cut up some old shirt sleeves The Husband had discarded. Wow, was Thing2 excited about that! I warned him that he could only cut clothes that I gave him for that purpose. I might regret this later.

Midway through the morning we took a snack and playground break that allowed me to refocus and start a load of laundry. Both boys were happy when they made it to Box #8 and found their candy. (This is what Thing2 had been waiting for all morning.)

And then it was done. Our first day of Kindergarten is behind us. One more thing. This is how the Lone Ranger sits in chairs:

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