Monday, September 19, 2011


Contributed by The Husband. 

A preacher visits a yard sale two houses down from his own and purchases a push lawn mower from a young boy.

The young boy assures him the mower is in good running condition.

The preacher takes the mower home and goes outside to mow the yard.  He pulls and pulls on the cord, but the mower will not start.

He finally goes back to the young boy, who is still making deals at his yard sale.  "That mower you sold me will not start, son."

"Did you give it a good cussin'?" asks the boy.

"No, sir," the preacher answers, somewhat insulted.  "I have been a minister some 30 years and have forgotten those words."

"Just keep pullin' on that rope.  They'll come back to you."

Those of you who know The Husband or his family might recognize this as "Number 32."   Long ago they assigned a number to each standard joke so that they could spend less time telling and more time laughing.  Have a happy day.


laughwithusblog said...

My grandpa used to tell that about the jokes being numbered! Great memories.

AIMA said...

Glad this prompted a happy memory!