Friday, September 16, 2011

Music that Makes Our Day

There's no better way to set a mood than with music.  When I am looking for the character-building, harmony-in-the-family mood, I use our Patch the Pirate playlist. 

I listened to Patch the Pirate some as a kid, but earlier this year, a friend reminded me of it by sharing her favorite album, Harmony at Home, with me.  This particular album is a collection of songs without the stories. 

The boys mostly listen to the stories at nighttime or in the car.  We like most of them, some more than others.  Once Upon a Starry Knight might be their favorite.  The thing I like about the Patch the Pirate albums is that they usually give us a good starting point for some profitable conversations.

For during the day, for while we do chores or school work, I made a playlist of our favorite songs from the albums we own.  In case you are interested, here are 10 of the 34 songs that made it onto the playlist:

Made to Worship ("I was made to worship the Lord.")
Be a Blessing, Not a Pest (very relevant)
Clean it Up (also relevant)
The Frog Song (about obedience)
Do It Now (also about obedience...can you tell where we need help?)
Whiners ("The tone of your voice makes a difference.")
Lazy Bones (Thing1's favorite)
Any Ol' Thing/Only My Best (Thing2 sings this cute)
In Everything Give Thanks (for the kids and Mom)
Be Strong in the Lord. ("Be not afraid.")

There are no affiliate links in this post.  I just wanted to share something we enjoy.  Go here to listen to the last few radio broadcasts for free.  (My understanding is that they break up a story into episodes for their weekly radio broadcast.)

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