Sunday, September 11, 2011


My refrigerator smells like something died in it.

There are no clean wash cloths or hand towels in the boys' bathroom.

We only followed our schedule one day this week.

And I still took a nap today.


AMAY said...

You can't walk on the floor in my bedroom.

I have mountains of laundry waiting for me.

My counters are covered in flour.

And I took a nap this afternoon, too.

But I firmly believe Sunday afternoon naps are a blessing from God to recharge our batteries for the week ahead. That is why Sunday afternoon naps are the best...they are blessed naps. And who am I to turn down a blessing! ;)

Ceridwen said...

Oh Anna. You should see my home. And the laundry. Oohhh, the laundry.

AIMA said...

I love you girls. I enjoyed my blessed nap.