Friday, September 23, 2011

Spontaneity, Forgiveness, and Fun

Yesterday after Thing1 got over the disappointment of not staying at GG's house (it was Thing2's turn) and I got over calling The Husband to complain (yell) about some frustrations I was having (I apologized later, and he forgave commenting, "That's okay.  I can handle it."), we had a pretty good morning.  School and chores go really smoothly, albeit slowly and boringly, for a big kid with no 3-year-old interruptions.  But the day got really good when The Husband called and asked if we could meet him at Cracker Barrel for Lunch and I agreed to go.  I am not usually good about doing things that are not on the schedule.

Oh boy, was Thing1 excited!  He (literally) hopped around the house to tie up loose ends and velcro his shoes then ran to the car and buckled up.  We took Henry and Mudge to read on the way, and he did that so cheerfully that he was surprised when he finished the book completely!  He even started the first chapter over again.

We had fun browsing the toy section while we waited on The Husband to arrive.  Of course I had to buy the mini wooden puzzles on the clearance shelf.  We picked out a birthday gift for a friend, and then I just listened to my son talk about the toys.  It is interesting to pay attention to what he gets excited about today, because it is different than yesterday and will probably change again tomorrow.

In the DVD display, he was curious about the Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. videos.  He knows Gomer from Andy Griffith, but I guess he doesn't remember when we rented Gomer's show from Netflix when he was a toddler.  Now that I think about it, he didn't like them because of Sergeant Carter's yelling. 

When The Husband finally arrived, he soaked in the one-on-one attention like a sponge.  He also devoured a bottle of root beer, a biscuit, and a bowl of macaroni.  He loves the peg game Cracker Barrel keeps on the tables, and I was surprised at how much better he understood the game this time than the last time we were there.

Even after the root beer spill and consequential stop at a truck stop to clean up the mess on the way home, the trip was refreshing.  I came home thankful for the rare alone time with Thing1 and thankful for my forgiving husband who encourages me to be spontaneous...occasionally.

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laughwithusblog said...

Oh I have a terrible time deviating from "the plan" too!! I'm usually happy I did, it's tough. lol Thank you so much for linking up to day!