Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Grump Like Me - Part II

Remember last week when I shared my favorite Backyardigans Song?  My sister renamed it, "A Frump Like Me" in my honor.  Hopefully the new name is because my new favorite word is 'defrump' and not because she really thinks I'm frumpy.

This song was on the same episode as A Grump Like Me.  I was thankful to be reminded that even when my circumstances are beyond my control, my reaction to my children circumstances is always my choice.  No, not choice.  It is my responsibility.  Even so, sometimes it takes something as dramatic as a singing telegram to remind me to smile.

I promise I won't post any more Backyardigans for a long time.

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The Jammie Girl said...

I'm writing this in my jammies, so this is totally the post calling the kettle black, but I think, maybe . . . you need to get out more.