Monday, October 17, 2011

Portable Homeschool

Tuesday Thing1 had an allergist appointment in the Fort.  After the appointment, the receptionist asked if he needed a note for school.  I replied that I am his school.

Tuesday was the first time our school was portable.  I packed up school for my kids and took it with us.  I had flashbacks of doing math in the dentist office, in the car, at other people's houses.  I even remember doing school at The Husband's house (before he was a husband).

One of my memories is doing school in a hotel room, probably in about third grade.  It was fractions.  I remember lying on the hotel bed trying to work fast so we could swim in the hotel's pool, but I kept getting distracted by the little kids watching PBS. 

The drawback to being portable is that self-proclaimed truant officers feel compelled to ask, "So, are we playing hookey today?"

Portability is another reason I am happy to homeschool.

Just some thoughts after one of those "full circle" days.


AMAY said...

I had a portable school day today. I love this ability when homeschooling, but I hate the looks and raised eyebrows.

AIMA said...

You know, the hookey questions never fazed me as a kid...and you think I would be used to it by now. But as a parent, it is so much worse!

Dorie said...

We are blessed to be able to take 'school' with us. We take school with us when one child is in gymnastic class and at piano lessons (the other children do their work while waiting).

Claire said...

I had lost count of how many times growing up, I was asked why I was not in school. As an adult with kids in school now I think that question myself sometimes and cringe. I will say it is mostly when I see a kid walking down the side of the road and I wonder if their parents know where they are. I do not usally think it when I see kids with their moms the I just assume they are homeschooled ;)