Saturday, October 22, 2011


Thing2 has been thinking of his future a lot lately.  Today he has told me:
Someday he is gonna be on an aircraft carrier like his uncle.

Someday he wants to ride a bull, and he is getting ready for it.

Someday he is gonna kill a rattlesnake.

He is getting ready to go hunt for a buck. (He's looking for a five-point, but Thing1 is looking for a  10-point.)

When he grows up, he will be the mail guy who drives the big black truck and takes boxes to people's houses.  (UPS, I guess.)

On a side note, a conversation I overheard between Thing1 and Thing2 demonstrates their opposite personalities:  Thing2 wants to be the one who drives and delivers to people's houses.  Thing1 wants to be the one who works in the post office and organizes and hands out the mail to the deliverers (in the back where no one sees you).  I thoroughly enjoyed listening in on that conversation.


Marmie07 said...

That about sums up the personalities. About like you transcribing for the doctor and Sarah being a nurse!

Anonymous said...

I love your BOYS!