Sunday, November 20, 2011

Like Pulling Teeth

Thing1's tooth has been loose for a long time.  He has tried to pull it periodically and each time decided that it will be ready tomorrow.  While he was anxious for it to come out, it still took a lot of coaxing to get him to commit today.
We slathered it with Orajel.  He chose the extraction tool.
And then had second thoughts.  We are not cruel parents.  This was the tiniest tooth I have ever seen.  The Husband could not grab it with his fingers without grabbing the two adjoining teeth.  Thus the [clean] pliers.
Thing2 seemed to enjoy the show.  However, he is not accustomed to being outside the spotlight.
After The Husband pulled, Thing1 wept dramatically...until he heard me exclaim over the trophy tooth.  He didn't realize it was out.  Later he admitted that he didn't even feel it.
An intense conversation followed concerning the roots of the tooth and how it was still attached and why it wiggled to one side and not the other before it came out.  Analytical? Maybe a little.
Thing1 can smile again.  A dollar is in his bank.  (No, we don't do Tooth Fairy.)  I texted a picture to nine ten aunts and uncles.  The tooth is in a Tic Tac container so he can show it to some grandparents and see if it can bring in some more money....

Bedtime Story:  The Tooth Book.  Appropriate, don't ya think?


Ceridwen said...

Elaina is very excited because she and Aaron lost a tooth on the same day. Matthew's arm looks very manly in that one photo.

AIMA said...

Very manly. I like it.

AMAY said...

Yea for Aaron!!!