Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What Do We Do All Day?

I love your answers to my question in Bunny Money.  Maybe one day I'll make a t-shirt inspired by AMAY!  Thank you all so much for taking time to comment.

I think most people like the chiropractor know that their kindergarteners are in school all day but don't realize that their actual "school" time could be distilled into an hour or less when you work with them one-on-one.  Then with the extra 6 or 7 hours they can learn about the world outside the walls of the school firsthand.

Like many of you mentioned, "school" and "learning" are not synonymous, which can be misleading to someone who has not considered it.  Granted, our "school time" takes an hour, but much of the rest of the day is filled with learning.  If only I could have thought of a smart statement like that while I was lying on that table!

  • In the house, it is rare moment when one of them does not have either a book or a tool in hand.
  • In the back yard, they use pulleys, inclines, wheels, and levers.
  • In the kitchen yesterday, Thing1 helped me (recited ingredients and instructions from a cooking show we watched in the doctor's office) make a casserole for supper.
  • In town, they are exposed to all kinds of occupations and ask lots of questions about them.
  • In church, they find hymns by number and learn to sit still for an hour and a half at a time.
  • At home, they learn that for every privilege there is a responsibility by participating in the family's chores.
I am glad "school" and "learning" are not synonymous because that means that even a stay-at-home mom like me can be learning every day even though I can't go to school!  That's what I want for my kids.  I want them to be lifelong learners.

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AMAY said...

I love this post! A life long! If we could raise our children to be that, if we could be an example of that to them.....we would be successful. Sometimes we try so hard to explain what we are trying to do that we almost confuse ourselves. Speaking as someone who was never around homeschoolers until I got married, it can be hard to understand. Even when I was helping with the HEC co-op, I did not fully grasp what being a home school family was all about. These last two years, I have struggled to explain what I am trying to accomplish by schooling here at home instead of our amazing little public school. But you summed it up very eloquently...I am trying to raise a learner. Thanks!