Thursday, November 3, 2011

On Books...

Finally!  I finally made time to let the boys tell me about their favorite library books today.

About Mailing May by Michael O. Tunnell...
Thing1 says:
They mailed her.  She got to stay in the mail care with the mailman.  She wanted to go to her Grandma's.  They mailed her because it was less money.

Mom says:
This was my favorite.  The boys also enjoyed this book.  It has been the subject of a few conversations since and, I think, the source for their mail carrying plans for the future.

About The Wolf Who Cried Boy by Rob Hartman...
Thing1 says:
I loved the entire thing.  He cried "Boy!" one time because he didn't like the food his mom made.  Then on his way home from school, he thought he'd cry, "Boy! Boy!"  Then the next day, he was heading home from school and was fixing to cry, "Boy!" and he saw lots of boys.  When Troop 7 was coming by, one of the boys came and ate some of his chips and dip.  Nobody believed him, and the boy got away.  The end.

About Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmens:
Thing1 and Thing2 say: 
Loved it.

About Stephanie's Ponytail by Robert Munsch:
This was Thing2's favorite.  He said his favorite ponytail was the one that hung in front of her nose.  I thought it was okay but not worth buying or even borrowing from the library again.  It had a good message about being yourself and not following the crowd.

However, the Husband and I did not like Thomas' Snowsuit, also by Robert Munsch.  The book was about a little boy who threw fits and was rewarded for it.  The story made his fit-throwing funny instead of giving him the punishment he deserved.  This is the first book on our Read-Aloud Handbook list that I hate.

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