Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Affiliate Alert! Affiliate Alert!

Consider this a commercial.

I don't do this often considering that making money is not the purpose of this blog.  (I have, in theory, made about $10 in the last four months, which is not even enough for the companies to cut me a check.)  However, there are some good deals going on right now, so I'll just put it all into one post and be done.  How's that?

Weekly Homeschool Planner is on sale from December 29 through December 31 for $12.  Here are the reasons why this is a great deal:
  1. You buy it for $12, download it in PDF format, then use it for the next 12 years...or more.
  2. You can fill it out on your computer and use it on the computer, fill it out on the computer then print it out, or print out the blank schedule and fill it out with a pencil.
  3. You can use it for all your students...if you have six or less.
Click on the graphic for more information.

An After-Holiday Sale at Barnes & Noble is going on now. I am new to Barnes & Noble, but I find that it is similar to Amazon but primarily books and other media.  And, of course, there's the Nook.  The prices are comparable to Amazon's, and you get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

Vision Forum is having a Year-End Liquidation Sale, explained by the link below...

CBD's Before and After Christmas Sale is going on until January 3rd.  This is where I go for almost all Homeschool materials, books on CD, and books in general.  Check out their "slightly imperfect" section.  I have scored some great deals there. 

Drumroll, please. 
Here is my newest and most exciting affiliate relationship.  FatBrain Toys is my favorite place for buying gifts for kids and sometimes even adults.  Here are the reasons I love it:
  1. You can use their Gift Wizard, which asks for the age, gender, and interests of the recipient and then suggests toys for them.
  2. Each toy or game has a Toy IQ, a Toy Value Index, and a bar chart describing the gender/age usage based on reviews.
  3. You can specify "Made in USA" on your toy searches or simply "Not made in China."  They supposedly have the largest selection of Made in USA toys.
  4. The toys are reasonably priced considering how unique they are.

Thanks for reading my little blog.  If you ever want to shop at any of these companies, please consider clicking on my links!

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Fat Brain Toys said...

Thank you for featuring Fat Brain Toys on your blog. we are very excited to have you on board our affiliate program.