Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Where Can I Find Audio Books?

I want to institute a listening time for Thing1 during Things2's rest time.

Factors to Consider:
  • The boys received a stereo for Christmas that has a cassette player, CD player, and MP3 hookup.
  • Thing1 likes to listen to books, but it is hard to find good ones on tape that are not a hassle to retrieve.
  • We have tried the library2go website, which has been okay for me, but it is definitely a hassle, and there are practically no children's books.
  • Our libraries have a few books on tape that we can borrow now that we have a cassette player, but we have already listened to all their books on CD, which isn't many.
  • I considered buying a membership to the big library in the Fort, but I searched online, and they don't have many good children's audiobooks, either.
  • I would like to start listening to the audiobooks suggested in The Well-Trained Mind such as Peter Pan, The Railway Children, Charlotte's Web, etc.
  • For myself, I would like to listen (since I don't make time to sit and read) to classics that I never read. 

My Idea::
Joining Audible.

What do you think?  Please comment if there is a solution I have not considered!

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Ceridwen said...

I'm interested to hear what you find out about this.

Anonymous said...

Books a Million has good ones for sale. But if you don't want to buy, there is a website you can go to that has lots of children's books for free. I don't know the web address but it's called Storynory.

AIMA said...

It's funny that after I wrote this post, there has been a huge audible ad in the sidebar.