Monday, December 5, 2011

Countries of Africa

Who knew there were 56 or 52 or somewhere in that vicinity (the current, correct number is unclear to me) countries in Africa?

Thing1 said he would like to learn the Africa song next on our Geography Songs CD.  Okay.  Since there are several counties over there, I'll listen to the song and type the words so that we can practice a few at a time in the order they are sung.  Oh my word!  I spent more than an hour on that this morning!

We like to point to the countries on a map as we sing them (we have only learned Central America and the continents so far).  But they jump around the map so much on the Africa song, I don't know how this is going to work out.  It will take awhile.  I hope we can stick with it.  Sheer determination and rote memorization is the only way I know to do it...Someone else might have a better idea, though, which would be welcome.

As I was searching for a more organized approach, a song organized by regions, maybe, I found some things that made me laugh, but this one is the best:

Africa Rap from Rhythm Rhyme Results.  I had no idea there was a website devoted to educational rap. In this one, the countries are arranged north, south, east, west, central, and islands.

We may be incorporating some rap into our homeschool soon...


Ceridwen said...

What geography cd's do you have?

AIMA said... Most of the songs are great for memorizing, but some are a little annoying. Overall, I like them for myself! You can't help but memorize when a song is stuck in your head.