Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chain Letters

We spent our entire school time this morning on a chain letter.  (Thank you, Ceridwen.  Look out, Friends Who Have Kids the Same Age as Mine.  You're next!)

I couldn't help but think of Barney's chain letter.

Don't worry...Ours was not this kind of letter.  It was a sticker club letter.  I thought we would do it instead of handwriting today since he would have to write the names of eight friends.  (I used the Handwriting Without Tears slate to write the example so he could copy the name correctly.)

Well, after it took more than an hour, I decided it was more than just handwriting.  He cut out stickers, wrote names, and learned about addressing and mailing a letter.  (This makes me feel better.)  We'll do math and reading during Thing2's rest time.

Now the boys want to watch the rest of that Andy Griffith episode....


Ceridwen said...

Elaina loved the stickers.

AIMA said...

Good! We had fun with that.