Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Play Date and a Bowling Tip

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Bowling tip:  Stick pieces of masking tape to the floor to mark where the pins should be set up so that the kids can set them up in the proper pyramid shape by themselves.  This has made bowling a fun and easy rainy day activity for us.

Since I just leave my tape out so that the boys can bowl anytime they want, I have had several people ask me what was wrong with my floor or why in the world I had a pattern of masking tape on it.  Oh, well.  It won't last forever.

We had a cousin over yesterday.  Because it was raining, we began a game of indoor bowling that quickly evolved into an entertaining and imaginative ping pong/golf/hockey-type game.

Later while they were playing on their own, I overheard a waiter taking orders.  One 3-year-old very politely ordered chicken with Cheetos, fresh meat with syrup, and roasted chips with salt.  (I shudder at the thought of being served meat that is not fresh, especially with syrup.)

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Anonymous said...

What a simple but creative way to allow the littles more independence during play time. :)


Anonymous said...

I just now saw this post. When we came to your house I saw the tape, and I immediately thought. "Oh, I bet that's for bowling pins. what a great idea!" Haha.