Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cinnamon Critters

Thing1 and I made these Cinnamon Critters from Highlights the other day.

By the way, I just discovered the HighlightsKids website.  You can listen to the entire High Five magazines, listen to stories from Highlights, do Hidden Pictures, and a lot more I have yet to discover.  (These links are for your benefit, not mine!)

 I didn't have any dinner roll dough, so we used what we had on hand to make some biscuit dough with wheat flour.

Thing1 rolled the dough into these shapes, rolled them in cinnamon and sugar, then (again, using what we had on hand) arranged mint chocolate chips on top of the dough for eyes and spots.

After baking, this is how they came out.   They may not look like much, but Thing1 was proud to serve these at supper.

This next tidbit is not for the weak-stomached.

Of course Thing1 was more specific than "critters" when he created these.  One is a worm, one is a tick, and one is a mouse.

I warned you.



Ceridwen said...

Oh gross. That is hilarious. Were they yummy?
Thanks for the info about the hidden pictures. That will be a big hit here.

AIMA said...

They were really good. Just like cinnamon biscuits...with some minty chocolate! Tried not to think about what he called them while we ate.

Bronwyn said...

I love his imagination - and a name luckily doesn't change the taste :) Maybe he was hoping he could eat them all if he put you off.

AIMA said...

Maybe so. :)