Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pinterest might be worth more than wasted time.

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 Hurrah for me completing my first Pinterest project!

Inspiration for this menu board came from Once Upon a Chocolate Chip Pancake.

There is a clothespin for each day of the week and five weeks worth of menu cards.

On the back of each menu card is an ingredient list for easy shopping list compilation.

The plan is to use the cards out of one box then put them in the second box.  After all the cards are used from the first box, we will rotate through the ones in the second box again.

Why I am excited about it:
1.  It's like E-mealz but customized for me and my freezer full of beef and pork.
2.  Variety might be limited with only five weeks worth of menu cards (hope to make more soon), but I am excited about the simplicity.  (The Husband might be asking, "What variety?" in his mind, but, bless his heart, he would never say that outloud.)  We have the same basic meals all the time anyway, and nobody complains.
3.  It's not as ugly as my grease-spattered paper magneted to the vent-a-hood.

Ways I tweaked it:
1.  I used leftover wrapping paper instead of scrapbook paper.
2.  I used stamps for the days of the week.
3.  Obviously, mine is simple in design.  But you would expect that from me.  I am not known for my artistic abilities.

Besides the frame ($8 at T.J. Maxx) and the crayon boxes (I needed the crayons for another project), I used supplies from around the house.

I fell in love with Mod Podge and felt accomplished in a crafty sort of way, but the accomplished feeling vanished when I attempted the next Pinterest project...I hope the recipients of our Valentines cast as mantle of charity on my poor, artistically challenged soul.

I plan to start a Pinterest board of completed projects and successful activities.  Maybe the fulness or emptiness of that board will keep me accountable for the time I spend browsing.

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AMAY said...

Good for you! I also have plans for some pinterest inspired Valentines. We will see how they turn out.

I love the idea of a completed project board holding you accountable for the time spent on pinterest. I think I will imitate you if you will consider it the highest form of flattery. ;)

AIMA said...

Yes, definitely! Can't wait to see yours.

Rachel said...

What is Cream of the Crop?

AIMA said...

Its the name of the cookbook my sister put together. On the menu cards where recipes are involved, I made a note of where to find the recipe.

Marmie07 said...

I love this!

AIMA said...

Me too! Thanks.

Carolyn said...

I like that! It really turned out beautifully. :) I hope it works well for you. Thanks again for linking up with my blog hop at!