Friday, February 3, 2012

Book Stacks

There's a stack of books on my desk from a Savers haul yesterday.

I'm excited about Thing1 trying the A to Z Mysteries as he has some friends who liked them around his age.  I don't know anything about Shoeshine Girl yet, but I recognize the author, Clyde Robert Bulla, from the Read Aloud Treasury list.  Another interesting one is Noah Webster's Advice to the Young.

 There's a stack of in-progress books by my morning coffee spot.

Swiss Family Robinson is mine and Thing1's current read aloud.  It has been fun and challenging.  Thing2 enjoys the short but sweet stories in The Beginner's Bible.  I just finished Creative Counterpart and appreciated it refreshing me in my purpose.  The Help is my bedtime reading.  I like to have something just for fun to wind down with.

Lastly, there's usually a stack of to-be-read books by my bed.

I am afraid the only way I will ever get through Homer is to listen while I work. It's been sitting on the nightstand for way too long.  I am excited to start The Family (as far as I know, only available through Vision Forum) soon, now that I am finished with Creative Counterpart.  In the interest of decluttering, I will put these back on the shelf today.

I am thankful that my challenge is finding time to read the good books I have rather than not being able to find good books to read.  Most of these are borrowed, Paperback swapped, gifted, or found at Savers.

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