Monday, March 26, 2012


We're still alive.  Maybe I flatter myself in thinking anyone wondered...

We are just surviving here right now.

And planning a 5K, remodeling my laundry room (no washer or dryer for over a week), keeping nieces and nephews, doing school, getting ready for a Co-op Spring program, having lovely lunches with my visiting brother, and starting t-ball practice.

I may be a little overwhelmed, but I'm not drowning.  When the boys were babies, I might have felt like I was drowning. I believe that the difference is rest.  The privilege of sleeping through the night is a miracle cure for hopelessness. 

Besides, who could be anything but thrilled to spend a day with these cherub faces?
I'll be back later.  These cherubs take up a lot of time.


Ceridwen said...

Kallan does the best kissy face.

And I think you're right about the sleeping part.

AMAY said...

Sleep is one of life's best blessings!

Rachel said...

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be out of drowning mode. ha - that is how it feels.