Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On Patience and Correcting Errors

I'll take a break from laundry and dishes to share a quote from Reading Reflex by Carmen and Geoffrey McGuinness on correcting errors and becoming a confident, certain mentor:
Remember that if your response as your child's mentor is to hurry, to rush through the lessons, you will be setting your child up to do the same.  If your response is to become frustrated, your child will learn to express frustration when the task gets challenging.  If your response is to take it slow, perform the desired steps in the correct order, and start fresh when an error occurs, your child will learn patience with herself and perseverance with the task at hand.

Even though the book is not written just for homeschoolers, the first chapter contains several solid tips on creating a mentor-learner relationship with your child.  Sometimes that is hard to do as a kid's mother and schoolteacher.

I'll get back to the dishes now.