Saturday, March 10, 2012


Saturday morning. I'm still in pajamas. I'm too lazy to go to the computer, so I'm posting from my phone. The boys think we're taking the day off.
We're building triangles.
The idea came from a book at the library. You're supposed to play a game with the finished triangles. But with these boys, the thrill is in the "building" rather than the game.
1. Cut the bendy end off three straws.  (Thing2's favorite part.)
2. Use a pipe cleaner with a loop on the end as a needle to thread yarn through the straws. (Thing1's favorite part.)
3. Tie the ends of the yarn together to make a triangle.
4. Toss the triangles like horseshoes and try to ring an overturned cup. OR get carried away with threading yarn through straws until the Living Room looks like one huge booby trap.

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