Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reading Reflex

I did some research this morning on the Phono-Graphix method I'm modeling Thing1's phonics (or non-phonics) after.  I had no idea there was a book for parents!

This is a very logical system that teaches that words are made up of "sound pictures" instead of teaching all the rules and exceptions to rules of traditional phonics.  Basically it teaches from sound, which the child already knows inside and out, to the pictures (letters) that make the sounds instead of teaching letters, which mean nothing to the child, and then linking them with the sounds he already knows.

It is immensely satisfying to my very logical child to make lists of all the different ways that one sound is represented in words.  We call this a map.

And then, eventually, to make a list of the different sounds one picture can make.

The book is Reading Reflex by Carmen and Geoffrey McGuinness.  I am ordering it now.  I just might ditch my Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading that I planned to use for Thing2 now that I have found this book written for parents.  I'll let you know.

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