Friday, April 27, 2012

Countdown to 1st Grade

I once proclaimed that Pinterest might be worth more than wasted time.  Since then, we have done several projects inspired by that inspiring, time-grabbing site.

My favorite use for Pinterest, though, is making lists.  Specifically, curriculum lists as we count down to first grade and Pre-K.  I have a board for each school subject so that I can pin curricula, books, and activities that interest me.  I try to include age range and prices.  When I decide against something, I delete the pin.  Since I am a bear of very little brain, this helps keep confusion at bay.  I predict that making final decisions and ordering will be tons easier this way!

After rereading a post from last summer when my kindergarten books came in, I am itching to order!  But for now, I will keep studying my copy of The Well Trained Mind (it is never far from my hands) and pinning.

Here are my boards:
Social Studies

The fun part is researching.  The hard part is choosing.

I would LOVE for you to post comments on any pins or on this post about my possibilities.  Have you used any of them?  What about cost effectiveness?  Is it convenient?  Is it thought provoking?  What's the fun factor?


AMAY said...

I noticed some Latin curriculum on your boards. I am debating starting Hannah in Latin. I am going to try the Well-Trained Mind approach with her, though I am intimidated to start in the 5th grade. We want to start Spanish (she REALLY wants to), but I don't know if Spanish and Latin are doable. I think if I do Latin, i will try the Latin for Children curriculum. I might use Song School Latin if we try to do Latin and Spanish.

We have used Shurley English for two years and really like it. I am switching to Rod and Staff this year so she can learn diagramming. I think that will help her see word relationships within a sentence better, but as for learning a word's function in a sentence, you can't beat Shurley. Their vocabulary lessons are not great, and despise their writing curriculum, but the grammar and jingles are awesome. I only used third and fifth grade, and she made the transition from one to the other seamlessly, so you may not need or want to do every year of the program.

This time of year is one of the best in homeschooling. Wrapping up one year and planning for the next. God bless!

AIMA said...

I'm NOT an expert. But I understand that Spanish or any Romance language should be easy after a foundation in Latin. Did you read the suggestions about learning two languages starting in 5th grade in WTM? Whew. Let me know what you decide. :-)

I'm leaning towards First Language Lessons instead of Shurley this year. Thanks so much for the insight on that!

Ashlie said...

This is funny! I have been reading WTM lately. I am thinking about using first language lessons with Audrey.
Anna, I have some of the Life of Fred books. I really like them. You can use my LOF butterfly book when we finish.

AIMA said...

When I was trying to make a decision on homeschooling when Thing1 was little, Mom's old copy of WTM was the first thing that got me excited about the prospect. Since then, I've been wearing out my own copy. So far, it's a good fit for me and Aaron both.

AMAY said...

I did read the suggestions about two languages in 5th grade, but I am not sure I am woman enough to tackle that schedule. Right now I am leaning toward Latin this year, and then adding Spanish next year, but I will probably change my mind 4 or 5 times before this time tomorrow. ;)

I wish I had read the Well Trained Mind earlier. I think it would have been good for us. It is scary to start in the middle, but I am going to dive in and hope I learn how to swim! I am pretty excited about the prospect.

AIMA said...

Ashlie, I would love to look at your LOF book. I've never seen one in person. I think Aaron would like it because he devours readable books, but math is dry and dull to him.

AMAY, languages are what scare me the most about our future. :) I'm glad you are trying it out for me first. So excited you are using WTM now so I will have somebody "ahead" of me.