Monday, August 27, 2012

Famous Figures of Ancient Times: King Narmer

Today we used our Famous Figures of Ancient Times, which was [one of] my non-essential splurge[s] in curriculum shopping this year, for the first time.

What I did not realize when I purchased this book of 21 movable figures of historical characters (including Moses, Aristotle, Hannibal and his elephant) is that the book includes two copies of each character: one in color and one in black and white.

Perfect! One for each kid.

Today we made Narmer, a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, and each boy dictated something about him for their notebooks. We used a 1/8" hole punch and mini brads from the scrapbooking aisle at Michael's.

Making King Narmer dance occupied and entertained Thing2 for quite a while this morning.

I shy away from cluttery projects because the kids do not want to throw away something they work hard on. However, if we keep everything they work hard on, it takes about a day for the house to be overrun with cluttery projects. To store this, I put the doll and the narration in a page protector so it would fit nicely in their notebooks. I like projects that lie flat.

Ever the perfectionist, Thing1 could not finish coloring and cutting his figure before lunch time. We might have to take turns with the color and black and white figures so Thing1 is not always stuck with the coloring.

Bonus feature: There is a mini bio with a small picture of each character at the beginning of the book. I cut out the tiny picture and glued it to our timeline.

If I am able, I will buy the Medieval set and the American Revolution set when we need them, but 6 and 4 seem to be perfect ages for this. Who knows if they will still like to make paper dolls by the time we are studying American History? Making the figure sparked much more conversation about the character and his time period than just reading about him. Granted, there are ways to get the same result without spending $20, but in this homeschool, projects do not happen unless they are easy. And this is easy.

The CBD links are affiliate links, but no one is paying me to write about Ancient Figures. I like it, and I thought you might, too!

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Kate Templeton said...

my kids would love these! thanks for sharing.

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Sharra Badgley said...

Thank you for sharing! We really love the Famous Figures. What a great idea for storing. Blessings!

Susan said...

What a great idea...I like how you fit the figures right into the kids' notebooks! I don't like cluttery projects either :)
Thanks for sharing at Favorite Resources!