Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Well-Planned Day Update

I promised I would update my opinion of My Well-Planned Day software after I used it for awhile. This review is unsolicited, unbiased, and written on my own initiative.

I love the concept behind their lesson plans and assignments. I am a checklist person, and this satisfies my need for seeing accomplishments in list form while keeping records of which days we "did school" throughout the year.

The Lesson Plan page (link is to tutorial page) is where you divide your curriculum into a number of lessons.  It is like a holding area for future assignments. At a glance, you can see your progress in any subject you have planned. Don't let "lesson plans" scare you. It is as simple as determining how many days you will work on a certain subject throughout the school year. Then if you want to be super detail-oriented in your planning (like I am not), you may edit each lesson to reflect your plans for each assignment. Or you may not...

The Assignments page is for assigning those lesson plans to a certain date/time/student.  Once you assign a lesson, it is no longer on the Lesson Plan page. You could assign an entire semester in one click (because you have already told the program on which days and at what time each student will be doing each subject) or you could assign one week at a time. I assign one week's worth every Sunday. Honestly, most of the time I do it on Monday morning at 8:25.

What I do not love is that there is still no mobile app and that the calendar still does not sync with Google Calendar. The Husband and I live by Google Calendar.  My dream is that when Well Planned Day finally syncs with Google, my homeschool life will sync with every other part of my life. There is lots of potential in the chores, shopping list, and calendar. But those do not interest me if I cannot pull them up on my cell phone.

That's it in a nutshell.

Is it worth $65? Perhaps. If you need help in organizing lesson plans.

Will it be worth $65 when it syncs with Google and comes with a mobile app? Yes!

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Rebekah Sacran said...

Do they have plans to do that soon?

AIMA said...

They claim it is coming soon.

Unknown said...

I was really surprised to see this review. I purchased the software on its first release date. I have yet to use it effectively or efficiently. I can't trust that the information I am entering is going to be available the next day. Every time "release" is added, it also adds a handful of "glitches". I would much prefer they fix the obvious glitches before borrowing trouble, imo, by moving forward with Google sync or mobile apps. I very much wanted to like this software, especially considering the company behind it. Unfortunately, it is not at all what was promised nor does it seem to be headed in that direction quickly.

AIMA said...

Now (not when I first bought it), I find it to be very dependable, and I love using it for keeping track of what we have done and have yet to do through the lesson plans and assignments. But I agree that it is not all it could be at this point. I have high hopes, though!