Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Biblical Science

We don't use strictly "Christian" curriculum. I'll leave it at that for now since the reasons would be more adequately presented in a lengthy post...which I don't have time for.

However, one subject I really like to keep Biblical (to me, Biblical is a more appropriate adjective than Christian in this discussion) is science.  Evolution permeates every natural-science-related book, video, or TV show. The kids learned at an early age to say, "That's not true" every time they heard or read something that said, "millions of years ago..."

History is largely the study of human behavior and accomplishments, and language arts is the study of human communication, but science is the study of God's creation.  The more we  understand about natural science, the more we realize how little we understand of God's power.  I like a science curriculum that acknowledges and even proves that creation is true (for my kids' and my benefit).  If evolution is so widely accepted as fact that dinosaur board books for babies advocate it, I want my kids to be grounded in the truth of creation while they are homeschooled because they are not going to get it anywhere else.

By the way, we used Exploring Creation with Zoology I, Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day this year and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The text book is worthy of reading just for fun, and the notebooking journal is fun for the kids and easily prepared (as in no prep) by Mom.

Another by the way: this post is strictly my opinion and was written on my own incentive. I did not and will not receive any compensation for it.


Amy Maze said...

I'm thinking of getting Apologia's exploring creation: botany book to use with my kids this spring/summer. I'm glad to hear that you like the other one of their books! How old are your kids? I'm sure it will be a bit over my son's head, but I'm sure we will all get a lot out of it!

AIMA said...

They are 7 and 4, but the 7-year-old is the one who really does it. My 4-yo listens and participates at will. :) we plan to go on to Zoology 2 next year.

Amy Maze said...

Awesome, thanks! I'm still trying to decide, just since it will be the most expensive homeschooling material I've had to buy so far (I'm pretty cheap =). I see the botany one has a "Junior" notebook option (maybe they all do?) which makes me think maybe it would be ok for my almost 5 yr old. I've got to make up my mind!