Friday, March 8, 2013

Susan Wise Bauer on Drastic Changes

Go to Susan Wise Bauer's The History of the (Whole) World blog and watch this video.

Favorite quote from the video:
"You can’t get so ideologically wedded to the project of home education that you forget that you are dealing with a person."  -SWB

I like the quote for what it says, but I really like it for who said it.  Granted, Susan Wise Bauer saying that it is okay to make drastic changes in an education plan does not make it so.  However, hearing it said by someone who has so much invested in "home education" affirms my decision.

I will not make a thirteen-year-per-child commitment to home education.  I will make a thirteen-year-per-child commitment to being responsible for his education, which means I will evaluate and make the most appropriate decision each year.

Side discussion: Hopefully after thirteen years he will be equipped to be responsible for his own education.

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