Monday, September 9, 2013


"Your attitude is the aroma of your heart.  If your attitude stinks, that means your heart's not right."
-from Facing the Giants

The boys and I watched Facing the Giants Saturday just because we needed to hear that line.

A perfect extension to the stinky attitude lesson was the fact that our rent house had a water leak as we were moving out, and when we went back to clean it a few days later, the stench was so horrible that the kids didn't even want to go inside.  Moral:  When your attitude stinks, people don't want to be around you any more than you wanted to be inside that foul-smelling house.


Leslye Leigh said...

I love this! We will be watching that. (Sorry about the stench, though... glad you are moved!!)

Anonymous said...

I need to watch that movie sometime...