Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Whiteboard

For those of you who asked, and for my own future reference, this post is my first attempt at showing what Classical Conversations looks like in our home.

Here is how my whiteboard looked this (Wednesday) morning.  Wednesday is our first day to practice the new facts we learn at CC on Tuesdays. Instead of writing out the grammar (new facts), I draw blanks and only write the words they stumble on when they try to recite.
At the end of memory review time, it looked like this:
The number of trouble words decreases throughout the week until they can recite it all without prompts. It usually only takes a couple of days to get back to all blanks with the exception of math. Skip counting is hard!

I don't make a detailed board like this every day, but when I do ( like on Wednesdays), it helps me to memorize it quicker. I am trying my best to keep one step ahead of the kids. I'm afraid if I don't, I will fall behind quickly!


JR said...

That is great!

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