Monday, December 23, 2013

When You Were Alive

Thing2 exclaimed, "Hey, this book is about knights, Uh-gyp-shin warriors and Arkansas."

"You mean United States?"

"Oh, yeah. This oughtta be intruh-sting!"

Later, after poring over the pictures and discussing with his dad whether or not there was a World War III...

"Mama, you know the soldiers who had triangle hats in Arkansas?"

"You mean United States?"

"Yeah. United States. You know, the ones when you were alive."

"I wasn't alive."

My birthday is coming up, which reminds me of my advancing age, but, really, the Revolutionary War was a few years before my time.

The book is Great Events that Changed the World by Brian Delf and Richard Platt. It really is intruh-sting.


Anonymous said...

LOL,that is pretty funny!

Clairessa said...

Thats ok my oldest tried to tell me I was born in 1898 last night....