Thursday, December 19, 2013

Confession of Projectophobia on Project Day

I have projectophobia, a fear of projects.  Glue and paint make me nervous. Hearing the word glitter triggers hypertension.  The finished - or half finished - product usually starts out in a place of honor and then migrates around the house until it is so old that nobody cares that it is finally thrown away.  For these reasons, I usually choose flat projects that can be notebooked or adapt projects to Legos.

In spite of my projectophobia, or maybe because of it, today is project day. Instead of our daily work (except math), we are doing projects.

We made a statue of Alfred the Great from Story of the World Middle Ages.
Alfred the Great
"The land ravaged by a fearful enemy from which he delivered it."
 We used butter and flour to simulate the lava hardening into rock on the surface of Venus from Exploring Creation With Astronomy.

We used flour and pebbles to simulate asteroids making craters on Mercury, also from Exploring Creation With Astronomy.

My irrelevant misgivings (we will not get our daily work done, which will show up at the end of the year; there will be extra messes to clean up, which takes time; etc.) are outweighed by the kids' delight.

At least there is no glitter.

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