Sunday, August 28, 2011

If at First You Don't Succeed...

Obviously, I have not figured out how to use my planner.

Since the planning page was illegible by mid-week, I decided to use the journaling page to list what we did accomplish.
The best part is this:
We get to start over tomorrow.

I have had four school days.  I have tried four different schedules.  Friday was the best.  Tomorrow we will build on Friday. 

Friday I got Thing2 started playing in his room (got down a toy from a box he had not seen in months and helped him set it up and get interested) then quickly worked through the four basics with Thing1.  This took about an hour or less, and then the boys were happy to play and do "extra" activities.  This was the most peaceful day we have had.  When the school work is harder and lasts longer, I predict that I will like the idea of interspersing fun with work in the workboxes.  But for now, the morning sprint scheme looks most promising. 

I have had less than optimal results in the area of  housework this week. Case in point:
Not pictured is a bathroom that reeks, a dirty, stinky kitchen trash can, and piles of clutter along most walls and upon most surfaces. 

We will try, try again.

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Ceridwen said...

At least the laundry is clean....