Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Few Things

First, I tried the Scratch Sheet Spelling with Thing1 over supper last night.  He thought it was a fun game.  I think we will just keep using it as a casual game here and there.  He surprised me by getting every one of these right on the first try except for 'throw,' which was the only word on the list we had not used in our mapping exercises. 

Second, remember how I said I hoped I didn't regret letting Thing2 cut up the old t-shirt material on the first day of school?  This was my slipcover on the loveseat in the school room.  I do not think he will try it again anytime soon...Then again, what do I know?  I'm the one who gave him access to the scissors in the first place.

Third, this little guy came to visit a couple nights ago while The Husband and I were working on the computer. He must have enjoyed the quiet of the school room after the kids went to bed as much as we did.

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